Dick Doss’ (Class of 1943) Book “Proud to Serve… A U.S. Marine’s Journal of His World War II Experience”


Dick Doss discusses his World War II experience in the U.S. Marine Corps after his years at SHS. He is providing a discount to all SHS graduates!


Dick, a graduate of SHS in 1943, just recently completed a book about his WWII experience in the U.S. Marines Corps. He entered the Marines after a great senior year at SHS where he played on the SHS basketball team that won the St. John’s Conference Championship by a score of 9-8 (yes, basketball). You’ll find the background below on his book and would be glad to ship and sign a copy to all SHS graduates for $10 + shipping. Please feel free to contact him directly at [email protected].
This book contains a true autobiographical story from the memory of a young United States Marine, who was both a depression baby and blessed to survive World War II.
As the author points out, this largest of all wars came quickly to its bloody end when President Harry Truman authorized dropping two A-bombs on Japan to force its surrender. Recounting his days as a boot-camp Private to engagements and court-martial at Saipan, to the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and on to the occupation of Japan, Doss tells us what World War II was like and how he grew to respect the courage and patriotism of his fellow Americans.
The author also reminds us that President Truman’s strategic decision to drop the A-bombs created a compelling reason for avoiding more global wars. Doss’s story reminds us of many other implications, both personal and societal, including especially why war can be a win-win proposition when cultural differences and diplomacy fail to sustain peace.