Carolyn Strauss (SHS 1981)

Television Executive

Carolyn Strauss’s career at Home Box Office (HBO) would be a Horatio Alger tale, only its starting point was Harvard University from which she graduated with a BA degree.  That said, at HBO Strauss truly did begin at the bottom and reach the top, the Presidency of HBO Entertainment, in less than twenty years. 

Strauss’s first job at HBO was 1986 as an assistant in original programming in New York. Three years later she was promoted to manager. In 1990 she relocated to Los Angeles as Director of Original Programming. She was promoted to the new position of
Vice President, Original Programming in 1994 and in 1999, Senior Vice President of Original Programming. Next came Executive Vice President, Original Programming and in 2004 President, HBO Entertainment, a position she holds today.

Strauss is responsible for the production and development of miniseries, series, and other late-night programs. The list of successes is awesome. “The Sopranos,” “Sex and the City,” “The Chris Rock Show,” and “Dennis Miller Live.” And there are many others.