Bruce Lansky (SHS ´58) Latest Publications Bring Innovation to Early-Stage Reading

bruce.jpgSeasoned author Bruce Lansky (SHS ’58), will be publishing the first in a series of three Picture Reading books, which are books that provide a “short-cut to reading” for preschoolers who haven’t learned how to read yet.  How does it work?  The stories are told completely in pictures—without any words. Thus, 3-year-olds can read and understand the pictures, follow and enjoy the story, and tell the story.  Early Birdy Gets the Worm, the first book in the series, will be published on April 1st.  May 6th is the publication date for Giggle Poetry Reading Lessons, which is the only (hence the funniest) remedial reading book ever published.

Lansky’s co-author is a reading specialist who came up with the idea of using his humorous poetry as remedial-reading texts. To make the book appealing to kids and parents (as well as teachers), Lansky added funny performance tips (sound effects, gestures, movement, props and additional voices) and humorous illustrations by Stephen Carpenter.  Lansky’s poetry books for children have sold almost 4 million copies.  Nine of his poetry books have been licensed by Scholastic Books. You can find his poetry on, and you can find his biography on Scholastic here.