Bolly Newquist´s (SHS ´43) Recently Published Book: ¨Secrets of Savvy Gals Who Have it All¨

image4.jpgBolly Newquist, or perhaps as you might know her under her pen name of Holly Nugent, published a book last June entitled ¨Secrets of Saavy Gals Who Have It All¨.  Newquist´s book explores the art of being a gal, explaining that it is only ¨when you learn its secrets [that] you become savvy [and that] when you put them into practice you become amazingly exceptional.¨ She goes on in further detail, explaining that once learning these secrets ¨you will learn exactly how to ooze charm with everyone, be at home in every setting, at ease in any conversation, totally self confident. You'll look fabulous and desirable always. You'll have zest for life, eager to share your delightful persona with friends old and new. Success in everything you do will follow, bringing you pride, happiness and contentment. You need to learn these secrets so the hopes of your heart can actually come true. Learn these rules. Use them to get what you want out of life. Yes, Savvy Gals do have it all and so can you! That is the remarkable promise this book offers you.¨ 

One reviewer adds: ¨This book is truly a gem -- it is full of really useful, important, and practical information about how to live a happier life (no matter where you already are on the happiness scale). Remarkably, it covers both ideas, attitudes, and thoughts that will help you prosper as well as nitty gritty tips on such basics as how to be exceptional at conversation, makeup, dressing, and so many more things we would all know in an ideal world. Whatever background or age you are, you are sure to discover things in this book that will benefit you in small or even life changing ways. How fortunate we are to have access to this very readable and easy to understand treasure trove of know-how that we can easily incorporate into our day to day thoughts and practices for more success and joy in our lives. Thank you to Holly Nugent for taking the time and care to share this with us.¨  Newquist/Nugent´s book is available on the Scarsdale Alumni Bookshelf and on Amazon.