Aron Nan (SHS 1966)


“Sleep not but thrive
So shalt thou live”

So began Nan Aron’s self reflections in Bandersnach. After Scarsdale High came Yale University and Yale Law School and some years in Civil Rights Law and teaching at Georgetown and George Washington University Law Schools.

In 1979, Aron founded Alliance for Justice, an association of mental health, consumer advocacy, civil rights, and environmental organizations.. However, it is particularly in the area of judicial nominations that Aron has played an important role nationally. Her greatest success was in the 1987 vote in the Senate which rejected the nomination of Robert Bork, a staunch conservative. Both the Alliance for Justice and conservative forces played hardball. “To Bork” came into the American political lexicon. Recently, the Alliance for Justice was less successful in preventing the nomination of Justices Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court.

To make her argument, Aron has written widely, including Liberty and Justice for All, a reflection on the ‘80’s. and in 2006 helped produce the documentary “Quiet Revolution” on the growing conservative assault on the courts.

Nan Aron’s life shows that even today, a person with conviction and courage can make a difference. Scarsdale High School is proud to count her a graduate.