Membership Dues

The Scarsdale Alumni Association is a volunteer-run organization that exists thanks to the financial support of its members. We invite you to continue supporting the alumni association!

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  • Bandersnatch Circle

    $149.00 every year
    You are such a big deal that, not only you know what a Bandersnatch is, but you actually have seen one!
  • Raiders Circle

    $89.00 every year
    You are a Raider on the court and off the court! Well, actually mostly off it these days! BUT, you like to read about what other graduates are up to and support the alumni association!
  • SAA Volunteers

    $69.00 every year
    If you are a volunteer of the alumni association, We thank you for your support. This is a reduced membership package just for you!
  • Millenial

    $15.00 every year
    You recently graduated from college but you TOTALLY can become a supporting member at the discounted young alumnus level! : )
  • Harry Truman Circle

    $39.00 every year
    Harry S. Truman was president at the time (or before) your high school graduation, and no-one can take that away from you!
  • Faculty

    $69.00 every year
    You taught us to question everything. Here is a a special membership just for you! Faculty (current & alumni).
  • Class Rep

    $79.00 every year
    Class Rep
    Thank you for the thankless job of organizing your class reunion!!! Enjoy your reunion committee leader membership!

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